Paillotte Kien Svay

 Kien Svay 'Paillote'


Create two additional classrooms

  • Create two additional classrooms for children in need of academic support. Currently, the three rooms in the strawberry patch are exclusively for kindergarten classes..
  • Each additional room will accommodate up to 25 students, with the understanding that two groups of students can be taught per class per day. Thus, the capacity of the courtyard for tutoring will be 25 students x 2 groups x 2 classes = 100 students maximum
  • The goal is to start with a30 students nd then increase this number little by little.. 

Improve the quality of the living environment

  • Solve flooding problems
  • Reduce the heat and noise of the area
  • Create a large playground adapted to the needs

Improve the organization of the living space

  • Create an adapted kitchen space
  • Create an office space in decent conditions




Action Belgique Pour un Sourire d'Enfant (asbl) 

 23 /9 Rue de la Tannerie , 1081-Bruxelles
IBAN: BE55 0015 3055 7744
NN : 0890027755

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