Building new classes in our Centre



The project


Building new school buildings in the Centre to meet the daily needs of the children in our School of Remedial Education (1000 students expected within 5 years) and children welcomed in support by ½ day at the Centre. (1100 beneficiaries within 5 years))

The number of classes is estimated at 45 classes that will benefit 2100 children (1,550 children at a time). Work is scheduled for 2020.

Project's progress (02/2020)
Project's progress (09/2020)

Classroom equipment

Equipping the Centre's new classrooms  

Our project to build new classrooms in our Centre in Phnom Penh will benefit some 2100 children. 40 classrooms as well as 2 science laboratories and an "open space" for teachers and school administration, for a total of 45 classrooms, will be built. We had no or very few classrooms available to accommodate the children in remedial classes (who now study under the playgrounds) and the old wooden buildings of the remedial school had become too dilapidated and dangerous. Pupils study in temporary classes while the work is being carried out.
• We need school furniture to equip the classrooms: tables, chairs, blackboards, shelves...and office furniture for the teachers and the school administration.
•In order to enable dynamic teaching based on today's resources, every classroom must have easy access to the Internet. Teachers also need video projectors to facilitate learning through the distribution of course materials and videos.

The project

• Purchase of furniture for the new classrooms and for the teacher/administration area of the school
•Purchase and installation of Internet connection equipment in the new school buildings, purchase of video projectors for teachers.


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